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I'm a little chubby and Im covered in strechmarks, it keeps me from being sexual active because I feel insecure about it,what should I do?


If your not happy with your body then find the knowledge and strength to change it. Until then make due with what you have, I’m sure it’s more about your insecurities than the actual physical things that YOU think are not attractive….for every shape size , freckle and stretch mark’ there are guys that get a hard on for it lol

There is an old Sicilian proverb that may help lol

Wear your slippers till you find your shoes.

Well said maverickmen. Good advice. Plenty of guys like chubby guys. I should know! ;)

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i wouldnt waste your time with stockydudes, ive been with them and bearfilms both are horrible horrible companies to work for and both brandon from stocky an david from bearfilms are complete assholes and treat the models like shit. the pay is absolutely horrible and if you dont get off on camera you dont get a dime. which is a bitch. not trying to tell ya what to do, but just offering my advice since ive actually done it and its a huge regret.


Wow thank you for the advice man

lostsoullonelyworld - I love finding stuff like this because it makes me laugh. This person posted anon for a reason (because it’s all made up). I can honestly say in the 6 years I have been running Stocky Dudes I have never treated my guys with anything but the utmost respect and kindness. I have always paid my guys something even if we had to scrap an entire video. It’s funny what people will say for no apparent reason. You do whatever you want with yourself and take the words of anon haters with a grain of salt. -Brandon Ramm #waterOffADucksBack 

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WOOF!  That belly, that fur, and those eyes… This dude is fucking hot as hell!  Would love to have that cock in my mouth.  Fuck yeah!!!  The video from StockyDudes is HERE.  Enjoy ;)

Thanks WestCub. Yea the scene it pretty hot.

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