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So whats the best way to get pics to you id love to be on your site?

Here is a link to our model application. Thanks!

This guy looks familiar!

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Two bottoms, one top, all RAW! Only on

Get ready to watch a hung top chub give two sexy bottom cubs a hot raw fucking in a three-way scene that was so hot it made the lights in the room blow out!

The scene starts with the guys making out but quickly start to disrobe and Marco swallows Mitch’s big dick down his throat while Noah kisses and watches. Then Noah gets his turn to go down on Mitch’s meat as the boys ramp up for the hot fuck scene about to happen.

After the guys trade off blowing Mitch’s stiff dick Marco sucks Noah and then gets on top of Mitch and fucks his face with his latin meat while Noah slobbers on some more of Mitch’s cock.

Marco is ready have his hole penetrated and gets on all fours while Mitch comes at him from behind sliding his spit covered cock deep in Marco’s hole. This turns up the heat and Marco starts moaning like a little bitch telling Mitch to “fuck that hole" while he sucks Noah. 

Then it’s Noah’s turn as he gets ass up in the air and Marco eats his hole and gets it wet for Mitch’s impending dick. Marco massages Noah’s hole open and we get a hot look at his amazing ass. Then Mitch spits on his cock and before you know it Noah is getting both holes stuffed and making noises that will send you over the edge. Mitch calls Noah a “dirty bitch” and that just makes him hornier sucking Marco until he is the first to bust his load all over Noah’s open mouth. Then it’s Mitch’s turn to cum and he doesn’t disappoint as he blows a big, thick, white load. All this has gotten Noah ready to shoot as well and he lays back and pumps his own cock until he sends a glob of cum flying all over his hand and down his cock.



Hot young chubster


Notice the pillows behind the headboard to keep things quiet when he’s getting anally slammed by his cub buddies.

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It’s Scott Jordon!

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o my….. a cute husky furry ginger knocking one off. love the babyface. it’s a weakness

This is from our site.

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All NEW. Angel North is back with new slutty bottom cub Marco Cross. It’s a hot, raw scene! Only on

Angel North is back and this time he brought us a new buddy, Marco Cross. The guys met on a hookup site and Angel called us to see if we wanted to film their first fuck session for you guys. After seeing Marco’s pics we couldn’t pass it up. 

Marco doesn’t waste any time getting Angel’s cock out and starts sucking it like a good little bottom should. Angel is loving it and soon is rock hard and moves to the bed where Marco continues worshipping that big latin dick Angel has. Then Marco looks up at Angel and says “You wanna fuck me?”. Cut to Marco getting into the ass-up position and Angel greasing up his thick tool. Then Angel without warming up Marco’s hole slides his fat meat right up Marco’s horny hole with only some lube covering his cock. Marco starts to moan and you can tell he is loving every second of Angel’s dick deep in him. The fucking is so hot you will want to shout at the screen “take it you fucking slut, take that bare cock up your ass”!

After some hot raw anal action Marco flips over again and decides he wants some raunchy ass-to-mouth action and starts gagging on Angel’s cock again. This time working it until Angel shoots a thick white load and Marco licks it off his shiny cock head. Then it’s Marco’s turn to bust his nut and he lies back and strokes his dick while watching Angel’s load glisten on his stomach.

Look! It’s Ginger Santa Rusty McMahon. Check him out at

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How long does it take for someones Model application to be viewed?

We review all submissions the day we get them. We will keep your application on file. If we can use you in a video and you are near where we will be filming we will contact you.