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Are you guys ever gonna have a video series entitled moaners which mainly consist of your boys getting a good fucking

Lots of our dudes do plenty of moaning while they get fucked. Have you seen our videos? :) If not, check em out!


Not a question I just wanted to say I've been a fan of Stocky Dudes for a while. I love pretty much everything that's been put out, I remember finding your website when it was still fairly new and all I could think was, "I wanna be a part of that world..." Anyway great videos, love 'em so much! Can't wait for new content. :3

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My friend owns a site called Stocky dudes! He just shared this nice message he got and I could not agree more with the sentiment… If you are into stocky dudes and beef cake I recommend this site :)

Thanks Cole & Hunter! maverickmen are super guys and we love them! We also love this fan that sent us this sweet message. We have such amazing fans over at !

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Remember that big stocky sexy football player you lusted after in school? The one with the sexy face, big solid build, and what you could only imagine was a big thick cock that you wanted down your throat or pounding away at your hole? Well we found him and his name is Colt Woods. After a little persuading we managed to get him to show us all just how he liked to fuck and it’s exactly what you would have wanted, and more!

Join Colt and a his sexy scene partner Caesar Valero as we watch them do it all, and even better, bareback! Caesar is a sexy latin with smoldering bedroom eyes and a body that will make cub lovers swoon.

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